Our Mission, Vision, Values


Native American self-determination through quality education.


To improve and support teacher effectiveness in Native communities, because we believe America’s First Children deserve the best.


CATALYST we are coaches in the evolution of education

AUTHENTIC CHANGE we offer a process, not a program

PARTNERSHIP we actively engage partnerships that are critical to improving teaching and learning

COLLABORATION we collaborate with stakeholders throughout the community to improve student learning

COMMITMENT we engage schools through shared commitments to improving teaching and learning

CONSTRUCTIVIST LEARNING through experiences and reflection we are all active creators of our own knowledge

EFFECTIVE TEACHING we develop teacher knowledge and skills, because we believe the teacher is a vital factor in student learning

EARLY BEGINNINGS we nurture strong foundations in reading, writing and mathematics during the early years of school to support future learning

SUSTAINABILITY we develop local capacity to ensure sustainability

CULTURES and TRADITIONS we honor and respect the cultures and traditions of the communities we serve

FPCFE began in 1999, working with experts in early learning among indigenous children to develop results-oriented, measurable and sustainable teacher professional development and systemic support. Our small staff has a combined 150 years of experience in education and a combined 54 years in offering professional development at the state, national and international levels.  Continuing professional growth and collaboration with educational leaders is an organizational priority.