FPCFE’s staff and key partners bring with them a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, which are critical elements in the organization’s success. The staff is comprised of individuals who are flexible, independent, and driven towards making FPCFE  the best in the country. Staff is engaged in systemic guidance and support for schools, mathematics program development for indigenous peoples, development and implementation of literacy programs, leadership development and the development of pre-service education programs. Still others have experience working in Native American advocacy organizations, Native American higher education, and philanthropic foundations. All staff members are deeply committed to raising achievement levels for Native students.

Charitina Fritzler

cfCharitina Fritzler has been with FPCFE since its inception. She is a member of the Crow Tribe in Montana. Charitina engages prospective schools and manages the operation of FPCFE. Her primary focus is to leverage available resources and programmatic activities through alliances she has built within Native and non-Native communities. In this capacity, she ensures FPCFE is fulfilling its governance function, maintaining its fiscal responsibilities and facilitating the optimum interaction between management, personnel, consultants/contractors, the board of directors and FPCFE’s generous benefactors.

Charitina received a BS in Business Administration from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. Previously in her career, Charitina worked with the Daniels Fund in Sheridan, Wyoming as the Senior Grants Associate and with Little Big Horn College, a tribal College in Crow Agency, Montana as Grants Administrator and as Director of Financial Aid. Charitina has five children and eleven grandchildren. Charitina says, “I feel grateful and privileged to be an active part of making the dream of educational equality for America’s indigenous people a reality.”


Kurt Kinsey

kurtkKurt Kinsey has been with FPCFE since its inception and is one of the initial developers of FPCFE mathematics programs and is a mathematics consultant with Mountain States Mathematics, and FPCFE. As a former high school mathematics teacher and Mathematics Recovery instructor, Kinsey has first hand knowledge of curriculum design and development of a professional development program to implement classroom intervention for low-attaining students. Armed with a masters in education from Montana State University, Kinsey’s work with FPCFE includes: the development and alignment of standards, designing and delivering professional development on best practices and supporting the implementation of reform-based curriculum resources to improve mathematic education outcomes for students. Kinsey is a Certified Math Recovery Teacher/Leader/Trainer and is a member of the Instructional Strategy Group of the US Math Recovery Council.


Lucinda “Petey” MacCarty

peteymPetey MacCarty has been with FPCFE since its inception and is also one of the initial developers of FPCFE mathematics programs. Petey is a mathematics consultant with Mountain States Mathematics, and the First People’s Center For Education. Her career in mathematics education began with secondary mathematics teaching and advanced to a role as a district mathematics coordinator. An interest in how children develop an understanding of mathematics, evolved into a master’s degree from Montana State University. Current projects include systemic mathematics education initiatives on the Tulalip, Crow, Northern Cheyenne and Wind River Indian Reservations, as well as the North Slope Borough and Kodiak Island Borough of Alaska. Other active projects across the US include Mathematics Intervention teacher and leader development through the Kentucky Center for Mathematics, and program design, development, review and support for the US Math Recovery Council.


Bob Simpson

bob-simpsonBob Simpson joined FPCFE in 2008 after teaching for 29 years in Sheridan, Wyoming. Bob has an extensive background with Math Recovery, including training as Math Recovery Specialist and Leader, Strength in Number Specialist and Leader, Add+Vantage Math Recovery Specialist and Champion, Everyday Math, Exemplars and the Teacher Advancement Program. Bob states, “My experience with FPCFE is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn, listen, share and work with truly exceptional people and children. I believe the purpose and intent of FPCFE is honest, essential and vital. Robert Kennedy said, ‘The greatest truth must be recognition that in every man, in every child is the potential for greatness.’ I believe FPCFE is a positive force in helping that truth be realized and am honored to be part of that effort.”